Treadbot Benefits


• Treadbot multiple Bots transfer quickly but do not move extremely fast
• Delta robots can do 160 picks per minute
• Treadbot can reach 480 picks per minute with less acceleration stress on the picked item than Delta robot
• Each tread Bot can function as XYZ robot (pen plotter) using many motors
• Second option is for several braking methods and fewer overall motors
• Bots can have multitude of gripper types for picking various items
• Bots can unsnap from treads for quick replacement
• Graceful degradation if one Bot fails
• Number of Bots leads to true mass production
• Can pick up from conveyor belt 30 in wide (more if willing to increase size)
• Can move items 3, 6, 9 feet or more if needed. More modules can be added
• Throughput rates are independent of distance traveled
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