Treadbot Multi-Head High Throughput Robot

The patented Treadbot uses a constant speed series of treads to move a series of Bot heads. Most configurations have a single Bot per tread. When the Bot head gripper needs to dwell over an object to pick it up, the Bot moves backwards at a speed equal to the tread speed. The overall effect is similar to a person walking backwards on a moving sidewalk.

Treadbot Markets

Pick and Place / Packaging

When throughput rates exceed that of a single Delta or SCARA robot, traditionally multiple robots are implemented. This has significant costs for equipment and the required worksite floorspace. A single Treadbot system can be configured in less space.

Order Picking

Today's order picking often has a human in the loop. The Treadbot can be configured in several options to fulfill the required orders. Different Bots can have different grippers so items can be grabbed effectively. 

US Patent # 7,712,598


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